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Copyright y derechos de autor

Artist Consulting Services


Whether creating, owning, transferring, licensing or protecting intellectual property, we provide our clients with the assistance they need to protect or enforce their intellectual property interests.


  • Drafting and negotiation of license agreements, transfer of copyright and trademarks.

  • Drafting agreements related to confidential information, nondisclosure, contractual restrictions, and trade secrets.

derecho de autor


Ladrón de música

We can help you with all legal aspects, from basic advice to negotiate agreements, drawing up contracts, breaches of contract or illegal use of musical works.

  • Recording agreement

  • Contract 360

  • License agreement

  • Music publishing contract

  • Musical work commission contract

  • Artistic representation or management contract.


  • Drafting and negotiation of software and application license agreements.

  • Drafting of end user license agreements and privacy policies.

  • Protection of property rights in software and related materials.

Plataformas digitales
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