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Diego Salgado_Cabecera

Diego Salgado

Neo Soul


Diego Salgado, vocalist, multi-instrumentalist and composer from Betanzos, has been on stage for almost thirteen years. He grew up in a home where music was omnipresent, with a singing mother, music-loving father and uncle, and a pianist sister. At 17 he joined the ranks of the music of his people, in groups such as “Qando Vand” or “Razza”. At 18 he went to Compostela to study Psychology and at 21 he discovered the social struggle during 15M, a fact that will mark his lyrics forever. At the same age he went on to study Dramatic Art Interpretation at ESAD in Galicia and trained as a gesture actor, in addition to starting his career in vocal technique. Shortly after he landed again in Compostela and formed bands such as “Poesía Canalla” (2014-2018) or “Mojo Experience” (2015-), growing in blues, soul and rock, and developing his compositional side, after years of concerts. Throughout Galicia, alone and with different formations, he ends up forming groups as disparate as “Eucaria” (progressive rock quartet, 2018-) and “Udra” (neosoul, funk, 2019-), which together with “Mojo Experience”, form part of the current activity of the artist. For years he has collaborated with Galician artists such as Sheila Patricia, IlMarto or High Paw, weaving a network of people eager to make the musical culture grow in Galicia.


His role as an actor, he has works such as “Waiting for Godot” (Sinuntu, 2014), the show “Improversados” (improvisation theatrical and musical, 2019-) and more currently “Of pleasure and death” with the company A Feroz, which opens on 16th, 17th and 18th of April 2021 at Sala Ártika in Vigo.

He also stands out in poetry, having participated in recitals and events related to the discipline, even competing in the final of the SLAM Poesía Compostela in 2019.


Diego Salgado is a restless guy who finds it difficult to stop despite the circumstances that arise, which is evidenced by the fact that in the midst of this pandemic, faced with the obligation to cease his activity, he recorded this first solo album . "Growing strong", in which he delves into many of the music that influenced him from a very young age to achieve an adult job and a strong and clear letter of introduction to the world.

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