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Sonido, Iluminación, Streaming

We have a professional infrastructure in terms of sound and lighting for shows and all kinds of events, in the hands of a human team familiar with the systems, which provide the efficiency and guarantee of quality of service that our clients require in their events.

Concierto Luces rojas y blancas
Vetusta Morla | O Son Do Camiño | ONME

Live shows audio and video recording services. Our staff has extensive experience in all kinds of events, recording unique moments and offering the client the maximum detail of everything that happens on stage to be able to relive it over and over again. In addition, we will take care of the realization of live screens if the event requires it.


We're going on tour with you, facilitating from transportation to all the technical and technical infrastructure for your project. Surround yourself with professionals from the sector who know your show and add value to your show.

Autobús en ruinas
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